• Hidden Power Hoodie has a powerful hidden message that can change negative self-talk into positive, self empowering thoughts to help eliminate anxiety and depression. I am enough, born for greatness, dream my dream, self-empowerment, self-esteem, love
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The Hidden Power Hoodie has a hidden message just for you.

Turn up the bottom hem to reveal a powerful message that can change negative thought patterns into positive, self-empowering thoughts to help eliminate anxiety and depression on your own terms and in your own time.

The secret message is there when you or someone you love need it most for a boost of strength, confidence and a reminder that someone understands.

Find your hidden strength or give as a perfect, heartfelt gift to show how much you care. Let this reveal your inner-strength so you can step into your true power.

The message is there for me.

Mindset Matters!


"I never knew something so simple could help so much!"

-Jamie A.

More Understood

"I love how it's a private message just for me when I need it. I think of who gave it to me and I instantly feel not so alone and more understood."

-Olivia S.

Emerging Personality

"I gifted my teen a Hidden Power Hoodie and she's out of her room and off of her phone more and hanging out with friends! We're seeing her personality again!"

-Patricia S.

Start Your Journey

Hidden Power Hoodies are loose-fitting, comfortable hoodies that provide a cozy haven on the move. The message inside is the start and support to a journey of self-empowerment.

Looking for the perfect design? Our best seller is always a great choice! The message reads:I AM ENOUGH I am confident I was born for greatness  I AM POWERFUL I am blessed I am whole Be strong I forgive myself I am beautiful Be proud I am worthy

Best Seller

Looking for the perfect design but not sure which one to choose? Our best seller is always a great choice! The message reads: I AM ENOUGH, I am confident, I was born for greatness, I AM POWERFUL, I am blessed, I AM WHOLE, I am beautiful, I love myself, Be Brave, Be Strong, I AM WORTHY, I forgive myself, I love myself.


Our Mission

Being an entrepreneur and mom, I saw first-hand the influx of anxiety and depression in young adults. Oftentimes, young adults feel alone and isolated yet constantly connected; the anxiety accompanied with depression take over. They retract from the world and feel misunderstood and alone. This shuts off the ability for them to see their own true, unique qualities that allow the fostering of self-esteem and excitement for the future. I also noticed that hoodies are a staple in their wardrobe…several hoodies. What if I could combine a way to change negative thought patterns with that of the safe, cozy comfort of hoodies? 

I developed the Hidden Power Hoodie which combines a comfortable, safe haven with powerful messages that the wearer can implement at any time. The wearers are empowered and grow self-confidence by reading affirmations that change negative thought patterns on a daily basis in their own time which reduces negativity and depression. This builds self-esteem, creates positive motivation, optimism, and hope for the future.

With the reduction of anxiety and depression, the wearer is able to identify their strengths, gain insight, become self-aware and overcome obstacles to achieve a joyful life.

As a result of such a remarkable response during the testing and trial period, I put together a dream team to help keep this company running smoothly and continue positive change in this world one hoodie at a time.